Corporate culture

1) Goals: We pursue our goal of being the best national and international supplier. We trust our abilities and organization to get there.

2) Action: We are a vertically integrated Company. Our Staff and the Manufacturing Process Management enable our steady growth.

3) Self-Demanding: We trust our actions and decisions as we are still working to improve everyday. We believe in constant improvement.

4) Flexibility: We adapt to the special needs of each client. We are always willing to make adjustments or modifications as long as this means succes in our strategies.

Therefore, Saroni Textile Group is a solid company based on these values:

1) Passion: The strength of will is our tool to achieve our goals.

2) Faith: We strongly believe in who we are, what we want and how to get there.

3) Strategy: Anticipating our customer needs by offering the latest trends and evaluating the most efficient way to proceed.

4) Values: Quality, speed, team-work and social responsibility are part of the company’s flagship. We share and communicate them through the corporate culture.

5) Energy: Thanks to our passion, faith and values, we fuel the team energy. Therefore, we maximize our Human Resources and bring forth opportunities.

6) Adherence: Connecting and building lasting relationships with other companies. We seek to be their main tool to achieve their goals.

7) Communications: Internal and External Communication is one of our weapons to articulate a transparent work with our customers.

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